Evidence of efficacy

Teachers are seeing the difference

Students enjoying a science lesson presented with Stile app

In late 2022, over 1,100 high school science teachers from the US, Australia and New Zealand took part in the annual Science Education Report. While this report is part of our steadfast commitment to continuous improvement – we use the report’s findings to refine our learning resources and other materials – it also revealed some exciting insights on Stile’s positive impact in the science classroom.

This is the impact teachers are seeing in their classrooms

Stile helps me more effectively engage my students in the science classroom

The reason we started Stile is to make science interesting, accessible, yet challenging for every student. It is reassuring that this is reflected in the results as over 75% of teachers agreed or strongly agreed.

My students are being appropriately challenged by Stile’s lessons

Over 75% of teachers agreed to strongly agreed that their students are appropriately challenged by Stile. This includes ensuring there are challenging opportunities for more able students while building self-efficacy in every student so they feel confident in their ability to continually learn and adapt through a multitude of careers.

More discussion around real-world problems

Of teachers that responded, over 50% agreed to strongly agreed that students at their school are becoming more interested in social issues that have a scientific element. Stile lessons are designed to contextualize learning with real-world, socio-scientific issues that will engage students in their learning.

I believe that Stile has played an important role in improving my students’ scientific literacy

When asked if Stile has played an important role in improving their students’ scientific literacy, two thirds of teachers agreed to strongly agreed. Scientific literacy is defined as the ability to engage with science-related issues, and with the ideas of science, as a reflective citizen.

More time given back to teachers to teach

We asked teachers if Stile saves them time and 89% of teachers agreed to strongly agreed. That means Stile teachers have more time for the things that matter most: getting to know their students, providing effective feedback and challenging them at their level.

Why choose Stile?

Evidence-based pedagogy

Stile helps teachers implement evidence-based teaching strategies

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Join a vibrant community of passionate science educators

Thousands of teachers use Stile every week. It’s already the #1 science curriculum in Australia, and it’s fast becoming the curriculum of choice for teachers in the US.