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Stile Professional Learning — PL for short — is all about creating vibrant, supportive, collaborative classrooms where communication and argument can flourish.

We partner with you to create a program that grows with your educators and meets their strategic goals and professional aspirations.

From implementation to deep integration of evidence-based pedagogies and NGSS standards, Stile PL will help you substantially lift the quality of science education in your district.

Everyone thought the session was AWESOME!!! It is great to now have some practical skills we can start using with the kids as soon as tomorrow.
John Gerohristodoulou, Kurunjang Secondary College

In 2022, over 1,000 teachers participated in Stile Professional Learning, and the feedback was exceptional. Of the teachers who participated, 98% would recommend Stile Professional Learning to a colleague.

Why Stile PL?

Evidence-based pedagogy

Stile PL focuses on the practical application of evidence-based pedagogies — those that demonstrate real impact — in the science classroom. These high impact teaching strategies have a strong, sustained track record of helping to improve student outcomes.

Drives adoption of NGSS-aligned pedagogies

Stile PL has been crafted to make it easy to teach the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). We draw on phenomena-based, student-driven and three-dimensional approaches to science education.

Get even more out of Stile

We model how to apply pedagogies with Stile itself. This allows us to demonstrate the use of Stile’s tools in a classroom-like environment, while also sharing our favorite tips and tricks.

A lasting impact

Educators plan and set goals for how they’ll put their new learning into practice within their science classroom.

Time to collaborate with colleagues

Educators have a wealth of experience to share. Our professional learning workshops include time — something that’s in short supply for educators — to engage and collaborate with eachother.

Ready for the next class

Great professional learning must be practical. Every session is crafted to ensure teachers walk away with something concrete that can be used the very next day. Educators will also take home exclusive resources.

Stile’s teaching experts

Stile’s team is in the unique position of having collectively observed or run thousands of science classes. Our worldwide network of educators have seen many more. This experience informs the ongoing development of Stile, and Stile PL is no exception.

We don’t forget to have fun

All of this sounds like very serious and important stuff, and it is. But we’re also intent on keeping the joy of science teaching present and believe it’s important to have fun along the way

Stile PL workshops

Our most comprehensive professional learning offerings that work with educators to turn theory into practice. Below are our most popular 90-minute workshops.

Teach in Stile: Blended Learning

In our foundational professional learning workshop, you’ll see Stile in action as a blended learning tool and learn tips and tricks to enhance your classroom teaching practice.

Customization through the lens of local phenomena

Explore the variety of ways Stile’s customization tools can be used to tailor lessons to your specific context.

Differentiating instruction for English Language Learners

Learn how to use Stile’s tools to differentiate learning materials for students with English as an additional language.

Facilitating productive discourse for the science classroom

Discover how to establish a culture of talk in your classroom and enhance Stile lessons with the use of specific questioning methods to promote scientific thinking.

Using Visible Thinking Routines to develop metacognition and critical thinking

Delve into the research behind Visible Thinking Routines and learn how to maximize these routines within Stile’s lessons to develop students’ metacognitive and critical thinking skills.

Integrating Science and Engineering Practices (SEP) with Stile (a two-part series)

Build confidence using Stile features to teach SEPs across content and disciplines.

We can also create custom workshops to suit the needs of individual districts.

Additional Stile PL programs

The Stile Super Teacher Challenge

A fun competition that encourages educators to supercharge their science teaching with Stile. Find out more here.

One-on-one coaching

Personalized coaching on anything an educator needs; from technical to pedagogical.

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