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Stile is free for schools in Oregon until July 2024. As part of the state science curriculum adoption process, we will craft Stile into something that speaks uniquely to the needs of Oregon educators. To do this, we need to seek advice and listen closely to you, Oregon science educators, then update and localize the program to really make it sing.

Stile has never done anything like this before. But, by making Stile free, we want to empower Oregon educators to help us create the curriculum you actually want to teach with.

The NGSS, customized for Oregon

You can read everything you need to know about Stile on our homepage. But we know that one size doesn’t fit all. We’ve customized the Stile Curriculum that hundreds of thousands of teachers and students know and love especially for Oregon.

The John Day Fossil Beds in Oregon

In our Human Impacts on Ecosystems unit, students act as geologists, ecologists, and activists to uncover evidence for how to save coral reefs and prevent a mass extinction. This includes learning about how scientists make inferences about past environments and investigating the processes of fossil formation and dating. Our team customized a lesson on inferences from fossil evidence for our schools in Oregon to include videos and questions about the John Day Fossil Beds.

Oregon teachers bring science to life with Stile

Stile’s interactive, customizable teaching platform and student workbooks are already used by hundreds of thousands of students every day, making it the number one middle school science curriculum in Australia. But Stile is also 100% pure and fresh Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). One of our units even scored in the top 1% of WestEd submissions! The best bit? Other teachers in Oregon love it.

Here’s what some Oregon teachers are saying about Stile:

Stile has been so amazing! It really is so much more student-centered than our current curriculum that I am almost giddy.
8th Grade Science Teacher, Reynolds School District
I have one really smart kid, really auditory but reads at a first-grade level. He loves the word-by-word highlighting and audio support. With Stile, he can take the quiz all by himself now! I also have one student who just arrived who only speaks Spanish. This makes it easier for her. It’s the part I love best about Stile too.
6th Grade Science Teacher, Gladstone School District
They actually have to work. Stile is helping me keep them accountable, get them more independent and ready for high school.
7th Grade Science Teacher, Gladstone School District

What Oregon teachers get

  • A beautiful, award-winning, NGSS-aligned library of phenomena-based lessons, lab activities, simulations, student investigations, escape rooms, science news, and Socratic Seminars — ready to teach as part of a unit storyline or as a standalone bite.
  • Student data at your fingertips and the ability to provide on-the-spot feedback.
  • Enhanced student collaboration and a streamlined feedback cycle through Stile’s state-of-the-art interactive platform. Also, it’s the opposite of janky. Stile’s software has been battle-tested by hundreds of students over more than a decade.
  • The chance to sculpt the curriculum you have always dreamed of teaching so that it is relevant and optimized for all students and teachers in Oregon.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg… there’s much more to discover below the surface.

How do I get Stile at my school?

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Thousands of teachers use Stile every week. It’s already the #1 science curriculum in Australia, and it’s fast becoming the curriculum of choice for teachers in the US.