Getting started with Stile


Log in with your school email address and password.


Create a subject

Think of subjects as folders for your Stile lessons. We suggest creating a subject for each year level that you teach.


Click on a subject

Once you have created a subject, select it. You can see all your subjects by clicking ‘Home’.


Browse the library

The Library shows all available units. You can click on any unit to preview its lessons.


Find a unit

You can search using a keyword, or filter by subject or year level.


Add the unit to your subject

Adding a unit from the library creates your own copy of the unit in your subject.

Adding students

Go to Students page

Click the green Students button to go to the Students page of your subject.

Instruct your students to join

Ask your students to go to in their web browsers and enter the 6-digit class code.
  • Display the class code in front of the class
  • Email them the class code.
  • Screen share over video conferencing.

Or add them using emails

You can add all your students at once using their emails. They will receive an invitation to join your class.

Before using your class

  • Remind students to bring their charged laptop or tablet to class.

  • Have a quick read through the first few lessons of your unit.

  • By default, all lessons in a unit will be available to your students with the exception of tests.

Releasing lessons

You are able to hide all lessons or release them one by one. You can also release lessons to individual students.
Browse the collection of Stile Science units

Explore the range of interactive, relevant, and engaging science lessons.

Curriculum mapping

Information on how Stile Science units align with your curriculum.

Select your curriculum:
View document
Stile Lab Book

Simple, easy-to-use overview of all the practical activities in Stile.

Watch quick tutorials

Learn the essentials in 2-minutes or less.

Run your first class
The essentials you need to understand before you run your first class using Stile.
Check students’ progress
Identify and address knowledge gaps in real-time, at a class or student level.
Mark and give feedback
Save marking time by improving the speed and relevance of your feedback.
Customise lessons
Customise content to meet the changing needs of each class.
Differentiate instruction
Tailor lesson content and cater to the different learning needs of your students.
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