On a mission to foster critical thinking in students by engaging them in STEM

We’re helping students learn science more effectively by providing teachers with great lesson content and a flexible system to support their teaching.

Stile’s mission is to improve scientific literacy among young people around the world - that is, their ability to engage, reflect and think critically about how the world works.
  • 75% of the fastest growing occupations now require STEM skills.
  • Students are losing interest in science and maths at school.
  • Teachers lack the tools to reverse the trend.
  • Schools need a solution.

Our History

Stile was founded in 2012 by entrepreneur, educator, and scientist Dr. Alan Finkel* out of a desire to inspire kids, and spark a lifelong interest in science and the world around them. Since then, a passionate group of teachers, scientists and engineers have come together around this mission, building compelling, professionally curated science content, and cutting-edge lesson delivery technology that makes teaching easier and more effective.

Today, we partner with leading science organisations and schools in our continuing mission to enliven science, support teachers, and rethink our approach to STEM education as a whole.

*Alan has temporarily stepped away from his role at Stile while he serves as Australia's Chief Scientist.

Our Management Team

Byron Scaf
Daniel Pikler
Head of Education
Daniel Rodgers-Pryor
Jaclyn Rooney
Head of Content
Laurence Savin
Head of Marketing

Our Board

Daved Lambert

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