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Real-world connections

Science is contextualised with the latest news and issues relevant to students. Unlock physics with driverless cars, chemistry with chocolatiers, and biology in the context of the 2014 Ebola crisis.
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Interactive simulations

From climate change to chemical reactions, engaging custom-built simulations help students explore new concepts and gain an intuitive understanding of complex systems.


Experiments, projects and hands-on activities

Your students will love the fun, battle-tested, hands-on experiments, projects and activities. Stile becomes their virtual lab book where they capture and store results, photos, and videos.


Diverse content

Lesson content is presented in all the ways that students learn; whether it’s reading age-appropriate explanations, listening to narrated content, viewing diagrams and photos, or watching short videos.


Formative and summative assessment

Content delivery is interwoven with formative and summative assessments that require a mixture of lower- and higher-order thinking.

Teachers provide real-time feedback and start class discussions that challenge students to critically reflect on what they understand and apply their understanding to new problems.

Real-time insights and differentiation

Stile makes it easy for any teacher to effectively differentiate their instruction on the fly.

Intuitive class insights make it simple to understand where your students are strongest and where they need help.

Expert content partners

Partnerships with leaders in science underpin engaging lesson content.

Captivating and inspiring year 7–10 students with engaging explanations of the latest discoveries
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