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Stile reinforces core literacy and numeracy skills

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Students in science should be applying their knowledge from maths to reinforce learning. Similarly, they should not shy away from challenging comprehension tasks just because it isn’t an English class.

English literacy

Stile integrates opportunities to learn and practise speaking and listening, reading and viewing, and writing throughout every unit.

Speaking and listening

Stile encourages rich discussion and collaboration between students and teachers. During discussions, students learn to clearly express their ideas and build on those of others. Teaching notes provide support for teachers to lead debates and discussions on unfamiliar topics.

Reading and viewing

Science comes with a specific and, at times, challenging vocabulary. Throughout Stile, students practise reading comprehension by answering different question types and intepreting various texts, posters and images. Flashcards, quizzes and visual glossaries further support vocabulary development.


Creative and persuasive writing activities challenge students to make connections in their learning while improving their literacy skills. These writing skills are further developed in our printed booklets, as students take scaffolded, handwritten notes and answer practice test questions. Students can access model answers as examples of fluent language use.

Comprehension activities

Science news articles

Audio narration

Creative writing

Evidence-based writing

Glossary of terms

Visual literacy

Scientific literacy


"Maths is the language of science."

Stile includes number sense and algebra, measurement and geometry, and statistics and probability through both explicit and integrated opportunities.

Stile lessons also regularly integrate numeracy skills. For example, students are taught how to calculate probabilities when predicting genetic crosses of tall and short sunflowers using Punnett squares. When studying the layers of the Earth, students learn how to calculate ratios and use this mathematical knowledge to create a scale model.


Maths skill builders

Data interpretation




Spatial reasoning


The fact that there's always a little bit of numeracy embedded in the lessons in a really authentic way is amazing.
Michelle Fyfe, Collingwood College, VIC

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