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The ultimate student notebook and study guide

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Stile X is a collection of hard-copy student revision and note-taking booklets. They promote student agency and help students learn how to study, while they study.

Stile is great by itself, but it’s even better with Stile X.
Peter Eyre, Montmorency Secondary College

Thirty-nine stunningly beautiful booklets

We’ve crafted a unique Stile X booklet for every Stile Unit, collectively covering the curriculum. They focus on the consolidation and mastery of the most important concepts from each unit, so even if you’ve deeply customised Stile for your school, they remain an invaluable resource.

Every booklet contains:

  • Scaffolded note-taking for the most important concepts in every unit
  • A practice test aligned to the learning goals in Stile’s lessons, with fully-worked model answers.
  • A glossary of all the topic’s key terminology
  • Study and note-taking tips that are evidence based and age appropriate

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What's new

Now, alongside every online unit, you’ll discover the same revision and mastery resources found in the Stile X booklets with the ability to print them out or project them in class. These resources include revision worksheets with example responses, practice tests, glossary flashcards, and video summaries.

Learn how to access these resources within a Stile account.

Hear what teachers using Stile X have to say:

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Find out about Nathanael's first semester with Stile X.

Nathanael McEwen at Covenant College, VIC
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Find out how Michelle is using Stile X to prepare students for the future.

Michelle Fyfe at Collingwood College, VIC
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Structured note-taking

Rigorous scaffolding in Stile X supports students in taking handwritten notes to consolidate knowledge from class

A close up of a Stile X worksheet, with a hand filling in one of the questions

Video explainers

Over 200 60-second summary videos capture core curriculum content to help students revise (think TikTok meets Khan Academy!)

Flashcards and glossary

Students can quickly look up definitions of terms used in class and master them with personalised flashcard games
A screenshot of the Stile X app, featuring a flashcard on the definition of gravity

Practice tests

New revision questions and fully-worked model answers help students study for tests and check their understanding against learning goals

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Some things are better on paper

When taking notes, pen and paper are hard to beat. Stile X reimagines how we use ink alongside modern, digital tools to meaningfully improve student outcomes. With Stile X, students create summary notes, practise their handwriting, and unwind with mindful colouring. Research suggests that physical note-taking improves cognitive understanding, recall and grades.

A closeup of handwritten notes in Stile X

Prepare your students for success in senior science

Stile X is an entirely student-directed resource with opportunities for students to develop intrinsic motivation, connect their learning to their lives and track their progress. As students progress from Year 7 to Year 10, the study and note-taking skills become progressively more complex, giving your students the tools they need to succeed. Read more about the progression of skills in Stile X.

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Our revision resources perfectly complements our digital lessons

After completing an engaging in-class lesson, students can revise and master the key concepts in Stile X. This leaves more class time to tackle real-world problems, higher-order concepts and hands-on investigations.

Plus, parents can more easily get involved with student learning at home by simply leaning over the beautifully bound book!

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Backed by rigorous cognitive research

Read all about the science of Stile’s revision resources, the evidence-based learning strategies embedded into the design and contents.

Retrieval practice

Retrieval practice asks students to actively recall information frequently and in different forms to boost long-term retention and transfer of knowledge to new contexts.


Metacognition supports students in monitoring their own learning by encouraging them to evaluate their level of comprehension, task performance, and the efficacy of their study strategies.

Spaced repetition

Spaced repetition involves revisiting a concept multiple times over a time period to facilitate better understanding and recall.


Summarisation helps students identify key ideas and relevant details to improve memory and understanding of the concept.


Elaboration is all about adding details to knowledge, for instance connecting to prior knowledge or something personal, to help students deeply understand the concept and more easily remember it.

Dual coding

Dual coding involves presenting concepts in multiple ways e.g. verbal, visual and textual, to give students multiple pathways to remember, understand and access that knowledge.

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