High impact teaching strategies

Purpose-built to promote the use of evidence-based teaching strategies

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For schools that are working to implement some or all of these High Impact Teaching Strategies (HITS), Stile naturally helps support their adoption.

Setting goals

Every lesson begins with 1 to 3 clearly articulated learning intentions and success criteria.

Structuring lessons

Stile lessons are broken up into clearly marked sections to ensure clarity and direction for students – whether they be a video, a set of questions, a practical activity, or a metacognitive exercise.

Explicit teaching

Stile is a true blended learning tool, made for the teacher to use at the front of the classroom. Teachers are provided with “teaching notes”, which encourage them to explicitly teach new concepts and actively engage with their students as they work.

Worked examples

Every single question in Stile has fully worked model answers and, where relevant, worked examples.

Multiple exposures

Each new concept is clearly and succinctly explained via text. It’s then reiterated through videos and simulations, further explored with careful questioning, and finally reinforced by encouraging students to connect new concepts with the old.


Questioning is at the heart of Stile. Every lesson contains a range of formative questions, from multiple-choice questions to open-ended investigations. These questions are carefully crafted by our in-house team of teachers to either promote learning, identify misconceptions or elicit understanding of a key concept.


Teachers can see all of their students’ work, all the time. They can quickly review their progress and provide students with timely written or spoken feedback, right at their point of need.

Metacognitive strategies

Every lesson concludes with one of the Harvard visible thinking routines, where students are asked to stop and reflect on their learning for the lesson, sharing their thinking with the teacher and, optionally, the whole class.

Differentiated teaching

All of Stile’s lessons are carefully scaffolded from lower- to higher-order thinking. As students progress through a lesson they are challenged, finding their zone of proximal development. In addition, teachers can easily edit Stile’s lessons and assign tailored lessons to different students depending on their ability level.

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