Free access for Victorian government schools

The Department of Education has funded access for 2024 and 2025

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Guess who’s back...

Access to Australia’s only comprehensive, coherent, and complete science curriculum for Years 7 - 10 has once again been made available to Victorian government schools in 2024 and 2025.

From the first day of Year 7 to the last day of Year 10, Stile provides Victorian science teachers with all the planning, instructional materials and support they need to deliver a world-class science education for every student.

Nothing else even comes close.

The Department of Education is getting serious about science.

The Department of Education has covered the cost of access to Stile’s digital resources for government secondary schools in 2024 and 2025.

Over 75% of Victorian government schools now use Stile to deliver a world-class science education for every student.

Why did schools choose Stile?

Stile ensures you’re providing your graduate teachers with the support they need and the flexibility your experienced teachers deserve.

Choosing Stile…

  • Means the highest quality, most rigorous science teaching resources are available to your teachers.
  • Prioritises lively debate and critical thinking over set-and-forget computer use.
  • Gives back your teachers time to do what they do best: Teach.
A photo of Michelle working collaboratively with two boys in a science classroom looking at a book and smiling.
Two girls in a science classroom completing mindfullness colouring.
A photo of Michelle working collaboratively with two boys in a science classroom looking at a book and smiling.
Two girls in a science classroom completing mindfullness colouring.

Core vs Supplemental

While other resources provided useful supplemental resources for teaching the curriculum, Stile is the only core resource for teaching science in Victoria. Core resources should not only offer comprehensive coverage of the Victorian Curriculum and alignment with the Victorian Teaching and Learning Model but also ensure:

Flexibility to differentiate

With over a decade of working alongside teachers in Victorian classrooms, we’ve learnt that every one of them is subtly different. That’s why Stile is designed so that every school and every teacher can customise any of our resources to suit the unique needs of their students.

Over time, your science department will naturally build a curriculum unique to your school, leveraging our world-class resources that are updated weekly.

Hear from Victorian educators on the impact of Stile

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Improving student outcomes with Stile’s comprehensive curriculum

Campbell shares how Stile’s comprehensive curriculum is improving student outcomes.
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Stile offers a complete science program that engages students and is accessible to all levels… It empowers teachers to ignite passion in their students by facilitating learning at their point of need.
Campbell Wilson, Science Learning Area Leader at Montmorency Secondary College
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Preparing students for the future with Stile

Michelle discusses how Stile X helps build her students’ skills for the future.
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My favourite thing about Stile is that I can pick it up at any point and trust it. That’s why I love it and will keep using it forever.
Michelle Fyfe, Head of Maths and Science at Collingwood College

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I opt-in to getting Stile at my school for 2024?

Victorian government schools needed to opt-in to Stile as their preferred Software for Connected Learners in late 2023.

Stile has print and digital resources. What is included in the Software for Connected Learners program?

This is a digital-only program. All schools will be able to nominate their number of students in Years 7 - 10 to get access to all of Stile’s digital resources. Stile X, our cutting-edge printed revision workbooks, can be purchased at an additional cost.

How can I get Stile set up at my school?

For all schools that opted into using Stile as part of the Software for Connected Learners program, a Stile representative will get in touch early this year to set up a time to catch up and talk about your school’s specific needs. They’ll also send through accompanying material and even organise a training session, if you’d like, to ensure all of your teachers are ready to hit the ground running for the first day of school.

My school already has a lot of resources set up outside of Stile. Can I transfer resources onto Stile?

Stile is completely flexible. While it already has a comprehensive science curriculum that builds skills and knowledge from Year 7 to Year 10, it can also be tailored to suit the needs of your school, your teachers and your students. If you’d like to transfer your existing resources to Stile, Stile Concierge can help, free of charge.

My school already has a 2024 Stile subscription. What does this program mean for me?

Our team has contacted all schools with Stile subscriptions for 2024 to discuss their subscription and the Software for Connected Learners program. Schools may choose to re-allocate the funds originally intended for their 2024 Stile subscription towards Stile X, Stile PL, and other Stile products or may request a refund.

What is Stile?

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World-class resources for direct instruction and self-paced learning

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