The new NSW Syllabus

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The release of the new science syllabus brings an inevitable period of change, but it doesn’t need to be stressful. We’ve spent hundreds of hours analysing the changes, so you don’t have to.

As a customisable core curriculum, Stile provides everything you need to deliver a high-quality, syllabus-aligned science program. Download our comprehensive implementation guide below, featuring our meticulously crafted scope and sequence and a breakdown of the changes.

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Implementing the new science syllabus with Stile

30 minutes | Free on-demand PL

This session is for teachers looking to hear from experts on the NSW science syllabus.

Listen in on a roundtable discussion with Bill Matchett, Head of Science at Macquarie Fields High School, and Dr Simon Crook from CrookED Science. They’ll discuss how the syllabus has changed, and how Stile will support you in delivering a fully aligned science program before the implementation deadline.

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The new science syllabus: What’s changed?

30 minutes | Free on-demand PL

This session is for teachers looking to deeply understand the five key changes to new NSW science syllabus and how you’ll be covered with Stile.

Join Alex Russell, our in-house expert on the NSW Syllabus, for an informative webinar on the key changes to the syllabus. Alex will discuss in detail the latest updates to the science syllabus, and highlight how Stile will help to ensure the transition is seamless and you are fully equipped.

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A customisable science curriculum, ready to implement

Our dynamic teaching platform empowers educators like you. It contains an array of comprehensive tools and instructional and teacher support materials, including curriculum planning documents, fully editable lesson plans, teaching prompts and model answers.

Specifically designed to support the implementation of the new NSW Syllabus, our meticulously crafted scope and sequence document acts as a blueprint for tailoring your school’s science curriculum while ensuring seamless alignment with the NSW curriculum. It is crafted to span a typical school year, considering holidays and school events. In true Stile form, this guide is fully customisable, empowering you to adapt it to your school’s unique schedule and preferences.

Always up to date and evolving

We evolve with real-world science, and emerging technologies. This ensures our resources stay relevant to students, and interesting for you to teach with. Our guarantee to always evolve extends to these syllabus changes, where we’ll create NSW-aligned lessons that remain consistently updated.

Over the coming months, we’ll rework our teaching and learning resources to comprehensively cover the new syllabus. With Stile as your core resource, you’ll have an engaging, syllabus-aligned science program ready to use with Years 7 and 9 students in 2025 and with Years 8 and 10 students in time for implementation in 2026.

Everything you need

Our commitment extends to providing educators with everything you need, reflected in our diverse range of lessons encompassing practical investigations, depth studies, and a strong emphasis on data science – all of which we’ve thoroughly analysed as new NSW requirements. Read more on the five key change areas here. We believe the best way for students to learn data science is by engaging with real-world data in relevant contexts. Our exciting partnership with Lunaria One exemplifies this approach, which you can explore further below.

We’re going to the Moon!

Stile has an exclusive partnership with Australian space start-up, Lunaria One which aims to boost sustainable activities in space. Through this partnership, your students will have the opportunity to partake in their first mission to answer the question: Can plants grow on the Moon?

Students will explore both the living systems and data science focus areas of the new syllabus through our updated Plants unit. In 2026, students will be part of history as the Lunaria One project lands actual plant seeds, chosen by students, on the Moon, and follow along as we see if they can grow.

This research is a key step in determining whether we can grow a food supply in space that could sustain a human colony beyond planet Earth!

Stile is a complete, coherent curriculum for science classrooms in New South Wales. Use our Scope and Sequence as a world-class starting point for designing your school’s science curriculum. Alongside our helpful teaching plans and lab guides, it offers all the support that graduate teachers need, while the ability to customise gives experienced teachers flexibility and freedom.

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