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Stile Library

Explore the range of interactive, relevant and engaging science lessons.

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View help articles on all Stile app features.

2024 teacher planning resources

Get a head start on planning for next year with our curriculum-aligned scope and sequences. These documents are for science leaders and educators to teach a Years 7-10 science programme.

Australian Curriculum Version 9.0

Australian Curriculum Version 8.4

New South Wales Syllabus

Victorian Curriculum

Western Australian Curriculum

2023 teacher planning resources

Scope and sequences that break down curriculum alignment and unit progression for 2023. For science leaders and teachers. Scope and sequence documents to teach a Years 7-10 syllabus-aligned science programme.

Australian Curriculum Version 9.0

Australian Curriculum Version 8.4

Victorian Curriculum

New South Wales Syllabus

Other resources

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The Stile Guide

The essential guide to supercharge your science teaching with Stile.

Case study: Stile X at Montmorency Secondary College

Campbell shares how Stile's comprehensive curriculum is improving student outcomes.

Case study: Stile X at Nerang State High School

Lara talks about how she’s preparing for the new Australian Curriculum with Stile.

Case study: Stile X at Galen Catholic College

Samuel discusses three ways that Stile enhances science teaching and learning at his school.

Case study: Stile X at Covenant College

Nathanael shares how his first semester with Stile X is going.

Case study: Stile X at Collingwood College

Michelle discusses how Stile X helps build her students' skills for the future.

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Lab handbook

For teachers and lab techs. Setup and preparation notes for every practical activity in Stile.

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Virtual reality

View the VR experiences featured in our lessons.

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