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Students work at their own pace

David Bennett, Classroom Music Teacher, Overnewton Anglican Community College

Overnewton Anglican Community College

Stile’s unlimited file sizes have made life easier for David Bennett and his students.

David Bennett teaches several music electives at Overnewton Anglican Community College. Much of the curriculum is project-based learning and in the past, he would use another product to upload multimedia files, documents and tutorials for students.

However, file size restrictions and navigation issues made the process troublesome and time-consuming. Students were unable to upload their assessment project files, and the only option was to manually transfer media or to export to a compressed format which made it very difficult to assess what the students had done specifically.

Stile’s unlimited file sizes have made his life easier in a number of ways.

Here’s David:

“Stile has had an enormous impact on the way I am able to plan, assess and collate student work. We have reshaped the curriculum to allow students to work at their own pace on a composition project of their choice.

A major benefit is the ability to allow students to share projects and assess the work outside of the classroom. Teachers are able to view the entire project rather than just listening to a compressed audio file.”

David also uses Stile to flip his classroom. His students can now watch screen recordings he has created at home to consolidate their growing understanding.