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Allow students to take ownership of their learning

Laura Brown — eLearning Coordinator, Chemistry Teacher, Caulfield Grammar School

Caulfield Grammar School

Students can pick their own teacher-created maths masterclasses in Stile

Laura Brown is an eLearning coordinator as well as a Chemistry teacher at Caulfield Grammar School. The school recently ran a successful Year 7 Maths Measurement program in its new technology-enriched learning space which gave all Year 7 students the opportunity to sign up for a range of maths masterclasses. Each masterclass was created by one of the 14 teachers participating in the program and provided the base knowledge to complete the associated Stile activity.

For Laura, the two main benefits of using Stile for the program were the ability to differentiate the instruction provided to learners and emphasise responsibility for learning.

By having access to all students in the one ​class, staff could assess activities submitted by their students regardless of which masterclasses they had signed up for and participated in.