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Danielle Lorkin - Health and PE teacher, Aquinas College

Aquinas College

Stile has made it easy to integrate multimedia into a classroom workflow at Aquinas College

Danielle Lorkin is a Health and PE teacher who has been using Stile ever since it was introduced at Aquinas at the start of 2013. Danielle felt confident enough to use Stile in her class after a one-hour PD and has been spreading word about the platform in her department. Its use has been growing ever since, supported through school-organised in-services.

Before Stile, the College had been using other platforms for storage and interactive work, and they were getting clunky.

According to Danielle, “before Stile we were using other platforms for file storage and interactive work, and they were getting clunky – the students didn’t know where to go for what. Stile is student-friendly, and much better in terms of setting the work, seeing who’s accessed it, who’s submitted, and being able to pick it up.”

Setting up classes and creating content was a breeze for Danielle, making it much easier to integrate multimedia into the classroom workflow. Stile has made it easy for her to pull everything into one place.