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We're a small, tight-knit team with a mission to radically improve main-stream science education at schools. By creating world-class science lessons, coupled with intuitive tools that allow teachers to take advantage of the latest pedagogies, we’ve already helped over a hundred thousand students in Australia get excited about science.

In the next few years, we're striving to perfect our product within New Zealand and Australia and bring our lessons to the rest of the world.

Interested in joining Stile?

Over the past five years we’ve built a product that we’re really proud of, with a tech stack to match. Our interactive science lessons, simulations, quizzes and videos are used by science teachers in classrooms across Australia. We’re never satisfied though, and our ongoing mission is to make Stile an even more amazing experience for the people using it and the people building it.

That means a renewed focus on user interface and experience design — led by our fantastic lead designer, Sean Hurley — and on the technology that lets us turn our designs into rock solid, buttery smooth experiences for our users. We want Stile to be a delight to use, every time.

This is where you come in.

We’re looking for an experienced frontend software engineer to own the future of our web technology stack, and help us take our engineering practices to the next level.

Your job will be to drive improvements in our frontend technology stack. Sometimes this will mean working closely with our product team to build out and improve our internal UI kit. Other times you’ll be embedded in a project team building a new product feature for a few weeks. (You’re not just going to sit in an ivory tower issuing edicts from on high!) And, yes, sometimes you’ll be pleading with Webpack to do that one thing that really shouldn’t be this complicated.

Here's some examples of the kinds of work you'd do:

  • Work with our top-notch product team to develop next-generation web editors, collaborative tools and live analytics displays.
  • Grow the team through coaching, pair programming and process improvement.
  • Research and choose appropriate web technologies and frameworks to adopt to keep us on the leading edge.
  • Work with our amazing head of design to expand and enhance our library of reusable UI Kit components, supporting the needs of feature-development teams.

About you

  • You've worked with a team and produced something cool.
  • You love creating great software, intended for use by humans. You're pretty good at it.
  • You care about how software is architected, and have a strong commitment to quality.
  • You thrive working on fast moving projects where requirements can change rapidly.
  • You understand what's going on under the hood, even if you rarely tinker with it. You understand why that matters.
  • When you have an opinion, you're not shy about voicing it.
  • You're comfortable tackling a large problem by yourself, all the way from requirements through to delivery.
  • You get things done.
  • You are proudly a nerd at heart.

Our engineering organisation

We’re a team of eleven engineers at the moment, with focuses spread across infrastructure, CI, and full stack developers. We believe in:

  • Working closely with other teams across our company, such as support, sales and lesson writers. Engineers aren’t coding monkeys who live in the basement - we’re an active and influential part of our community.
  • “Getting shit done”. Good processes are critical to success, but we don’t let bureaucracy get in the way of delivering value.
  • Learning from our mistakes through blameless post-mortems and retrospectives.
  • Achieving work-life balance through good processes. Extensive automated testing, careful code review, and planning work in small, deliverable chunks gives us confidence that we can deliver high-quality code to meet deadlines without working overtime.
  • Adopting new technology without massive re-writes. For example, all new web pages are written using the latest TypeScript/React and styled components, and we build interfaces that integrate them seamlessly with older tech.
  • The obligation to dissent. Meetings are designed to give everyone a voice, and we want you to have opinions. If you want to speak to the CEO about an issue, you can set up a meeting with a few clicks in Gmail.
  • Battle-hardened processes and code. We are choosy when adopting new things, and don’t throw away the good things that have stood the test of time in favour of the new shiny.
  • Developing our people. Everyone gets coaching, career development, conference opportunities, and the knowledge that their team shares their values and has their back. Everyone has weekly one-on-one’s with their manager, and performance reflections a couple of times a year to help them improve and get promoted.

Since this is a senior position, we expect you to have a few years of experience and proven impact in at least one other company. You probably also know a lot about the following things:

  • Web standards and fundamentals
  • React
  • TypeScript
  • Systems design
  • Internationalization
  • Accessibility
  • Component-based architectures
  • Webpack

Working at Stile

We invest in our people because we believe that great people in a great environment can achive amazing things. People don’t join Stile to have a cushy job; they join to do fantastic things with incredible people. We set high expectations and then help you to exceed them.

That said, there are plenty of “the usual” perks:

  • A friendly, fun and informal team environment.
  • A modern office in the heart of the CBD.
  • Fully stocked kitchen, a home cooked lunch every week, chillout areas, a kickass sound system for after-work events and unlimited coffee.
  • Regular social and team-building events for staff throughout the year.
  • A commitment to the career development & training of all staff members.

How to apply

Send us an email including:

  • 1-page cover letter addressed to Daniel Rodgers-Pryor telling us why you’re the best candidate for the job.
  • Your resume

Email applications to:

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If you don’t see yourself on that list, consider sending us an email anyway. Maybe you’ll blow our socks off and we’ll make a position for you. What’s the worst that could happen?

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