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We’re a small, tight-knit team passionate about giving kids a great science education. We build an interactive, online science resource that takes advantage of the latest pedagogies and shows students how important science is to their lives, no matter what career they may end up pursuing. We believe that by improving science literacy in the community, we can make a big difference on a global scale.

We’re looking for another backend engineer to join our team, building features our users will love and scaling the product to meet the demand from our rapidly growing user base. You’ll work mainly on our service-oriented Ruby applications running on AWS, as well as on the full tech stack that supports them.

About the job

So, what will you be doing day-to-day as a software engineer at Stile?

  • Architect, build, and ship awesome features to teachers and students.
  • Work with our operations team to identify scalability bottlenecks within our application, and knock them down before our users do!
  • Uphold our quality standards through automated testing, code reviews, profiling and debugging, and debating with your new team members about the Right Way™ to do things.
  • Make real, systemic improvements to the way our app runs. We reckon you’ll have some ideas about how things could be improved, and we'll give you licence to turn those into reality.

About you

  • You've worked with a team and produced something cool.
  • You care about how software is architected, and have a strong commitment to quality.
  • You understand what's going on under the hood, even if you rarely tinker with it. You understand why that matters.
  • When you have an opinion, you're not shy about voicing it.
  • You're comfortable tackling a large problem by yourself, all the way from requirements through to delivery. We work together closely as a team, but you'll have the opportunity to take the lead on some projects.
  • You get things done.

You either have a CS/engineering degree, or you've taught yourself the bits that matter. You might have worked with some databases before and learned your B-trees from your hash tables and what a row-level lock is. You've not only built a few CRUD APIs, but you've probably also untangled a few race conditions, and you now think through failure states and idempotency whenever you write new code.

You'll end up working with Ruby, MySQL, MongoDB, Docker (we use it for just about everything), AWS, Protocol Buffers, Prometheus (we’re big on monitoring our app and keeping ahead of problems!), and whatever tools you choose to solve the problem at hand. Haven't used many of these before? That's fine; this is a great opportunity to learn!

The job is flexible

While we think collaboration in an office environment is an important part of coordinating and sharing knowledge, we also appreciate that working from home or away from the office offers both time to really concentrate, and the flexibility needed in modern life. Need to pick up the kids? No worries - we’re all about what you achieve, not the hours of the day in which you achieve it.

Working at Stile

We invest in our people because we believe that great people in a great environment can achive amazing things. People don’t join Stile to have a cushy job; they join to do fantastic things with incredible people. We set high expectations and then help you to exceed them.

That said, there are plenty of “the usual” perks:

  • A friendly, fun and informal team environment.
  • A modern office in the heart of the CBD.
  • Fully stocked kitchen, chillout areas, a kickass sound system for after-work events and unlimited coffee.
  • Regular social and team-building events for staff throughout the year.
  • A commitment to the career development & training of all staff members.

How to apply

Send us an email including:

  • 1-page cover letter addressed to Daniel Rodgers-Pryor telling us why you’re the best candidate for the job.
  • Your resume

Email applications to:

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If you don’t see yourself on that list, consider sending us an email anyway. Maybe you’ll blow our socks off and we’ll make a position for you. What’s the worst that could happen?

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